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In the year 2000 the founders of KUYICHI, NGO Solidaridad, wanted to introduce organic cotton in the clothing industry.During their experience with the development of fair trade organic coffee and fruit business in Latin Amarica, they found the cotton industry caused a lot of pollution and poverty among indigenous Indians and factory workers.

Vision & mission

We believe sustainability isn’t just a trend. And it shouldn’t be the next generation’s job. We see it as our mission. Now and in the future.We’re convinced quality fashion should be created in a 100% sustainable and responsible way.

What we believe

We started the organic revolution as being the first brand to produce organic jeans. We embraced the principle of recycling and we use recycled polyester and recycled cotton for our collection. We are aiming for a completely closed-loop collection.

The brand

The Earth is our home and its inhabitants are our neighbours. Together we share the responsibility for its wellbeing. After seeing how fashion has immense negative impact on ecological and social circumstances, we established KUYICHI: The first conscious fashion brand. We started our journey in 2001.

New chapter

Since the beginning of 2016, Kuyichi made a restart with four new owners. One of them is Dutch Televison host Floortje Dessing. She took over Kuyichi with two friends. She is familiar with the sustainable fashion business, because she owns two fair fashion stores since 2006. They’re called Nukuhiva and are located in Amsterdam and Utrecht, The Netherlands.

A lot was learned from the ‘first Kuyichi era’, especially about management and how to arrange everything business wise. What Kuyichi needed was real entrepreneurs with a real passion. Because in the first place, it’s not about the results. It’s about putting passionate people with an entrepreneurial mind in a leading position. Not only philanthropists. We’d like to carry on what we’ve learned about leadership and management skills, as a positive heritage from our first era.

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