Gratis verzending vanaf minimum aankoopbedrag | Eco & Fair | Gemiddelde beoordeling door onze klanten: 9.6

Chills & Fever, Munoman, Onnolulu, Green Zoo, Aikoo, Armed Angels, Dedicated, Kings Of Indigo, Thought socks, Brava, Dopper, Veja, …


Green Queens is the creative agency behind the Belgian brands Chills & Fever, Munoman, Onnolulu, Green ZOO and Aikoo. Since 2011, we have been a pioneer in fair, sustainable and ecological clothing.

Greenqueens is a small-scale family business that responds quickly to opportunities. We are not dependent on large, complex decision-making structures so that we ourselves can guarantee and implement our principles of sustainability, quality and fairness.


We design all our fabrics ourselves in our own workshop in Antwerp. That way we are not only 100% sure of the quality and the ecological way of production, we also guarantee you unique prints that you will only find with our brands.

We resolutely opt for top quality. Because we truly believe that clothes should last much longer than one season. We choose soft, pleasant fabrics so that you enjoy wearing our clothes. Sustainable fashion, you can enjoy it for years. And those clothes are easy to care for, because life is too short to iron for hours every week, right?

Because we want you to shine for a long time in our clothing, we provide a smart combination of cheerful prints and timeless designs and cuts.


Furthermore, we have been working with Armed Angels, Dedicated, Veja, Dopper, Kings of Indigo and Thought socks for a long time. From time to time we add new sustainable brands so that we can create the complete package.


These brands make our store complete so that we can provide a shop where you can come shop with the entire family.