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Braintree clothing

Braintree is an ethical fashion company producing beautiful, timeless, eco clothing in hemp, organic cotton & bamboo since 1995.


Braintree was founded in 1995 in Australia, with the aim of promoting hemp as an environmentally friendly alternative to cotton. It soon became one of the largest hemp clothing companies in the world.
In 2002, after 11 years of growth and knowledge of the Hemp industry, Braintree began operating in the UK. Armed with a desire to let the good peope of the United Kingdom & Europe experience hemp that was contemporary, stylish and the best alternative to man-made fibres, they made the move from an Australia basking in summer to a cool winter.
At first the going was tough, but an amazing piece of luck came at just the right time. In late 2002 they got the chance to open a store Portobello Road. The team worked from dawn to dusk to fit out and open the shop in just two days.
The response was immediate and the reaction to the product was fantastic, giving them renewed faith and confidence.


Hemp is one of the untapped wonders of the world. It's also one of the most environmentally friendly fibres known to man. It requires no herbicides or pesticides to grow and needs very little water. Hemp when worn is also UV protective, anti-bacterial and is very strong and durable.
Bamboo crops mature very fast and require no herbicides or pesticides to grow, making it a great alternative fibre for clothing. The fabric is very strong and is known as a body insulator; keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
Soy fabric is often referred to as the vegetarians cashmere due to it's soft feel. The fibre is made from the by products of Soy food farming and is a renewable resource. Soy garments feel great on your skin and are very hard wearing.